Luna Teague and I are unbelievably excited to announce that the first novel in our new TimeBangers series is now available for pre-order on Amazon! This book has been a huge labor of love, and we hope that our readers will have as much of a blast reading it as we did writing it!

TimeBangers is perhaps best described as “comedy time-travel erotica,” and features the adventures of two best friends who travel throughout history conducting sex research, adding notches to their bedpost and building to the overall body of scientific knowledge pertaining to human coitus. Except, you know, we make it sound sexier than that in the books.

The first volume, which includes the reintroduction of our heroines after a long time apart, a steamy Tudor adventure, and treacherous toy ponies, will arrive in Kindle edition July 28, trade paper on August 11, and it will be available in other non-Amazon eBook outlets October 27.

For additional details, review requests, media needs, or other inquiries more suitable for publisher than author, you can check out the book on our publisher’s website. Or you could just go pre-order it. I mean, that would be nice too.


TimeBangers, Vol. 1: One Does Not Simply Walk into Tudor
TimeBangers Vol. 1Back in their wild sorority days, history buff Beth and science whiz Tawny weren’t just friends—they were pioneering sexologists who compiled an extensive body of knowledge on their many conquests.

Fast forward a decade, and Beth is a down-on-her-luck single mom, Tawny’s a reclusive billionaire, and neither of them has gotten laid in years.

After reuniting at a sorority function, Beth just wants to be BFFs again, but Tawny has a different plan—recreate their college glory days by sleeping through all the greatest historical figures! Beth stumbles onto Tawny’s secret project and finds herself flung into the year 1536 wearing only a bathrobe, just in time to save Tawny from accusations of espionage in the court of Henry VIII. Will our heroines bask in kingly kisses and royal romps… or be burned at the stake? Find out in TimeBangers Volume 1: One Does Not Simply Walk Into Tudor!


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