Our most recent event, and our last event planned for 2016, was ValleyCon at the Baymont up near Fargo in Morehead. A week later I’m wanting a recap to sort of bullet out the fun things I want to remember, but also I want to save my writing energy for “real” writing. So here’s a list of the high points. Thursday Our friend Ozgur K. Sahin lives in Minneapolis, so Thursday I left work early and drove up fromRead More →

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks for the TimeBangers team. Mostly a good couple of weeks, although some of it has been exhausting. Luna moved out of the apartment she’d been in for a couple of years into another place with a roommate, and moving is always a mixed bag of fatigue, sentimentality, and excitement. I was fortunate enough that a difficult situation I’d been facing in my first profession suddenly resolved itself to near complete satisfaction—I mean, howRead More →