Our most recent event, and our last event planned for 2016, was ValleyCon at the Baymont up near Fargo in Morehead. A week later I’m wanting a recap to sort of bullet out the fun things I want to remember, but also I want to save my writing energy for “real” writing. So here’s a list of the high points. Thursday Our friend Ozgur K. Sahin lives in Minneapolis, so Thursday I left work early and drove up fromRead More →

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks for the TimeBangers team. Mostly a good couple of weeks, although some of it has been exhausting. Luna moved out of the apartment she’d been in for a couple of years into another place with a roommate, and moving is always a mixed bag of fatigue, sentimentality, and excitement. I was fortunate enough that a difficult situation I’d been facing in my first profession suddenly resolved itself to near complete satisfaction—I mean, howRead More →

EDIT:  The original version of this post has a deadline on it – I’ve suspended that and since submissions have been light for this particular project, there is no deadline. We’re just extending it indefinitely until we have enough stories. And since we want to keep the series going past just one volume, in a way that means there is no particular deadline.  Hi guys. I woke up one morning a couple months ago with a projectRead More →

Luna Teague and I are unbelievably excited to announce that the first novel in our new TimeBangers series is now available for pre-order on Amazon! This book has been a huge labor of love, and we hope that our readers will have as much of a blast reading it as we did writing it! TimeBangers is perhaps best described as “comedy time-travel erotica,” and features the adventures of two best friends who travel throughout history conductingRead More →